Project: Merowe Dam Archaeological Salvage Project (MDASP/Sudan)
Tasks: site supervision, GPS surveying and site recording, find processing, pottery and lithic research
Authorities: British Museum London, National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums
Finds: Palaeolithic to Islamic periods
Duration: seasons 2003/2004, 2004/2005


DITTRICH, A./GESSNER, K. & GABRIEL, B. 2007. A mesolithic occupation site near Umm Klait at the 4th Nile cataract, Sudan. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Archaeology of the Fourth Nile Cataract, Meroitica, 23, 2007, 43–52 Open as PDF

GESSNER, K./DITTRICH, A. & WOLF, P. 2004. Vor der großen Flut. Archäologie in Deutschland, Heft 6, 14–19 Online preview


Merowe Dam Archaeological Salvage Project (MDASP/Sudan)